What’s in Mello Vapor Craft’s blends?

We use only the best ingredients sourced directly within the United States.

Our PG and VG are Kosher USP Grade. Our PG is smooth and carries flavor extremely well. Our VG is non-GMO Palm based and is extremely thick which produces massive clouds! Who doesn’t like clouds!?

We use two different nicotine types here; Traditional Nicotine & Nicotine Salts; both of which are sourced from NicotineRiver, LLC based out of Simi Valley, California. These guys have been a pleasure to work with and take great pride in their proprietary Nicotine formulations, and purity/level of nicotine they provide.

Our blends do contain Sweetener – However if you prefer your juice without sweetener just be sure to specify in your order notes. We use a very specific sweetener in our blends that we have found to be much easier on your coils that doesn’t gunk up as fast.
We do not add alcohol, water, or coloring/dye to our blends. All you will ever find in Mello Vapor Craft juice is PG, VG, nicotine, and PG based natural and artificial food grade flavoring.

Custom Juice?

  1. We can do custom orders on requests. To place a custom order please fill out the Contact Us Form. Please be very specific what you’d like, I.E; Custom flavors, sizes, nicotine type, etc. If we are able to fulfill your custom order request we’ll reach out via Email.
  2. Custom orders may be charged an additional fee to cover costs on nicotine, flavors, bottles, labels, etc.

How do I pay for my order?

  1. Once you place your order on our website you will instantly receive an email from our system: orders@mellovaporcraft.com (make sure to check spam inbox in your email if you don’t see it.)
  2. Our payment method addresses (PayPal, GooglePay, Venmo) are listed towards the top in that email.
  3. You can pick/choose whichever payment method you’d like to use. Login to your preferred payment method & copy/paste our information. Make sure to only include your order # in payment notes.
  4. Once you have sent payment for your order there is nothing more you need to do. We’ll start processing & ship your order out.
  5. IMPORTANT: Do NOT mention ejuice/vape products in the memo/payment notes or you risk your payment being denied by the payment processor.
  6. This payment system is ONLY temporary as we work on securing our official payment gateway to accept credit/debit cards directly on our website to make checkout speedier.

Steep times? How do I steep my juice?

  1. We generally recommend 10 to 12 days of steep time for most of our flavors. Some dessert/bakery flavors will take a little longer for optimal steep time.
  2. The thicker your VG content I.E; 80/20 or 90/10 – the longer it will take to steep & reach optimal flavor. We recommend to order in a 70/30 ratio for quick steeping & best flavor.
  3. Shake bottles vigorously once to twice a day. Squeeze air in & out of bottles for 60 seconds. Recap bottles and set them in a nice cool dark place (cabinet, drawer, closet, etc.) Repeat until steeped to your liking.

Shipping/Postage Questions? International Shipping?

Please view our Shipping Information here