Mello Vapor Craft is a Utah based E-Juice, Flavor & CBD manufacturing company who brings affordable & premium quality E-Juice & CBD products to new heights. We started this company back in 2015 with two things in mind, quality ingredients & affordability. You really don’t have to pay premium prices for great juice or CBD products. Let us take care of all your juice & CBD needs. We have extremely strict quality control standards we work by to ensure each & every product you pickup is just as good as your very first. We source & use the absolute best quality ingredients on the market. We wouldn’t settle for anything less as it is our firm belief to never compromise on quality, ever. Period.

Mello Vapor Craft was started as a hobby/something extremely small and as the popularity of our brand/flavors/mission increased we were quickly sold in retail shops, reddit, and now our very own website.
We love what we do, we love the Vaping, CBD & E-Liquid communities, and we love our products. In-fact, we use our own products every single day. We like to keep things mello around here, we’re all about spreading good vibes, positivity & monster clouds with delicious flavors.

Our customers mean everything to us. Without each & every one of you, this dream of ours wouldn’t be a reality. Our goal here at Mello Vapor Craft is to provide top-tier premium juice, CBD Products & phenomenal flavors with exceptional customer service that keeps you coming back to Mello Vapor Craft for all your juice, flavor & CBD needs.
We will always be grateful for you, Welcome to the Mello family!